Mårten Spångberg
I’m Hiding One Of These
  • Germany/Sweden
  • Dance

  • 2022.11.10.Thur 19:30
  • 2022.11.11.Fri 19:30
  • 2022.11.12.Sat 19:30
  • 2022.11.13.Sun 19:30

  • Ilmin Museum of Art

  • 95 min
  • 40,000 KRW
  • Korean

The Swedish choreographer Mårten Spångberg is in this dance, for three women and two assistants, exploring relations between dance and image production, through the vague and vibrant realm of reflection, shadows and superimposition. It establishes a space where everything dances, forming landscapes where contours fade and shapes vanish into trembling undercurrents.
The precise choreographic language is here turning into textures where humans and machines, bodies and technology, expression and the universe come together through twisted and unstable, sometimes humorous, connections.
Mårten Spångberg’s work enters the hidden realms of the individual audience member’s mind, opens doors to the soul of perception and calls for unknown forms of metamorphoses.
After the success of “Skymningen” presented by Ob/scene Festival in 2021, “I’m Hiding One Of These” ventures into a more fragmented dramaturgy that resonate with contemporary modalities of distribution of the sense, at the same time as it poses a critique to modes of attention proposed by internet and AI communication.

  • A proposal by Mårten Spångberg
  • With and by Park Jinyoung, Lee Minjin, Park Hany, Kim Shinu
  • Made possible through the support of NPN Stepping Out and Fond Darstellende Kunste
  • In corporation with Ilmin Museum of Art

I’m Hiding One Of These
© courtesy of the artist