MMCA Performing Arts 2017: Asia Focus
  • 2017.10.11 - 10.15

「MMCA Performing Arts」 focuses on ‘Asia’. New creations of Asian artists produced by MMCA will be presented at a platform called 「Asia Focus」. The program aims to propel the circulation of Asian productions and form surrounding discourses.

「Asia Focus」 is a platform that presents the works of Asian artists, commissioned, co-produced, or supported by MMCA together with international partners. 2017 Asia Focus will present six works created by artists from Korea, Lebanon, Iraq, India, and Hong Kong. Each work provides a unique perspective dealing with the issue of technology, history, and displacement seen from the artists’ own temporal/spatial context. The event will be held from October 11-15 in Multi-Project Hall, Seoul Box, and Film and Video located at MMCA Seoul.


  • Kim Jisun: Deep Present
  • Lawrence Abu Hamdan: Rubber Coated Steel
  • Hiwa K: View from Above
  • Padmini Chettur: Varnam
  • Royce Ng: Ghost of Showa