MMCA Performing Arts 2018

「MMCA Performing Arts」 recognizes the ever expanding spectrum of visual art and aims to capture its dynamics by creating a new arena in the museum. The program focuses on artists who have a critical viewpoint on today, as well as their own artistic language to express it. Departing from the tradition for displaying art, the program encompasses any pertinent forms that can best embody the perspective of the artist, stretching from performance, dance, theater, sound art, video, or a form that transgresses all boundaries.

Starting from 2018, 「MMCA Performing Arts」 will present international performing arts project through annual season program. The program connects with the international performing arts scene with the international performing arts scene and participates in the mapping of its topography.

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  • Mark Teh: The Complete Futures of Malaysia - Chapter 4
  • Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas: Fase, Four Movements to the Music pf Steve Reich - Part 3 ‘Violin Phase’
  • Julian Hetzel: Benefactory
  • Rabih Mroué: So Little Time
  • El Conde de Torrefiel: Possibilities that Disappear Before a Landscape
  • Im Go-Eun & Igor Sevcuk: Because the Outside World Has Changed…
  • Bouchra Ouizguen: Madame Plaza
  • Naeem Mohaimen: Two Meetings and a Funeral
  • Halory Goerger & Antoine Devoot: Germinal
  • Nam Hwayeon: Orbital Studies
  • Royce Ng: Queen Zomia
  • Ho Tzu Nyen: The Mysterious Lai Teck
  • Meiro Koizumi: Sacrifice
  • Dai Chenlian: Big Nothing
  • Romeo Castellucci: Democracy in America
  • Romeo Castellucci: Romeo Castellucci Retrospective
  • Mette Ingvartsen: The Red Pieces
  • Luis Guenel: The Other


  • Seo Dong-jin: Night of Bandung