MMCA Performing Arts 2018: Asia Focus
  • 2018.9.28 - 10.3

「MMCA Performing Arts」 focuses on ‘Asia’. New creations of Asian artists produced by MMCA will be presented at a platform called 「Asia Focus」. The program aims to propel the circulation of Asian productions and form surrounding discourses.

「Asia Focus」 is a platform that presents the works of Asian artists, commissioned, co-produced, or supported by MMCA together with international partners. This year, it will present five works created by artists from Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and China. The event will be held from September 28 to October 3 in Multi-Project Hall, Gallery 6, Gallery 7 located at MMCA Seoul.

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  • Nam Hwayeon: Orbital Studies
  • Royce Ng: Queen Zomia
  • Ho Tzu Nyen: The Mysterious Lai Teck
  • Meiro Koizumi: Sacrifice
  • Dai Chenlian: Big Nothing