Ob/Scene Festival 2021
  • 2021.10.29 - 12.5

Ob/Scene Festival makes scenes out of the scene.

Ob/Scene Festival is an international contemporary art festival that takes place all across Seoul in autumn every year. Ob/Scene Festival questions the role of art in today’s society. In times when the changes art once promised seem ever more distant, the festival persists to ask what it is that art can do nonetheless. Ob/Scene Festival is an arena for artists who stubbornly raise their voices undeterred by political pressure, economic logic, and aesthetic convention, thereby leading us to a new vision.

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  • Im Go-Eun: Archipelago Map: Three Circles with(in) a Whale
  • Im Go-Eun: Archipelago Map: The Gardens in the Sands Trilogy
  • Im Go-Eun: Archipelago Map: Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads
  • Mårten Spångberg: Skymningen
  • Mårten Spångberg: Riverbank Sessions
  • Mårten Spångberg: The Dancing Community
  • Ingri Fiksdal: Shadows of Tomorrow
  • Kick The Machine Documentary Collective: Silence
  • Lav Diaz: Melancholia
  • Jeong Geumhyung: Making Show
  • Royce Ng: Presence
  • Nature Theater of Oklahoma (Kelly Copper & Pavol Liška): Die Kinder der Toten
  • Tsai Ming-liang: The Deserted
  • Ho Tzu Nyen: R for Resonance
  • Koizumi Meiro: Prometheus Bound
  • Kim Nahee: Mitorix
  • Kim Jisun: Off Tours
  • Kim Heecheon: Ghost(1990)
  • Jeong Yeoreum: To a natural witness
  • Kim Boyong: The Cretan who Stopped Thinking
  • Seo Hyun-suk: ( )
  • Yi Sang (with HASC, See Hyun-suk): 날개
  • Jeong Geumhyung: RECORD STOP PLAY