Ob/Scene Festival makes scenes out of the scene.
Ob/Scene Festival is an international contemporary art festival that takes place all across Seoul in autumn every year. Ob/Scene Festival questions the role of art in today’s society. In times when the changes art once promised seem ever more distant, the festival persists to ask what it is that art can do nonetheless. Ob/Scene Festival is an arena for artists who stubbornly raise their voices undeterred by political pressure, economic logic, and aesthetic convention, thereby leading us to a new vision.


*This artwork was invited by Ob/Scene for the project ‹A Place You Long For›, and produced with support from Arts Council Korea.

Artists Talk

  • Additional artist talk programs will be announced at a later date. Schedules are subjected to change.


  • Korean Society of Typography
    Vibrating Birds and Handwritten Letter
    2022.11.9.Wed – 2022.11.20.Sun
    • 12:00-19:00
    • closed every Monday

    • Art Sonje Center·S.A.P

    • 26 min 13 sec
    • Free
    • Korean

    Vibrating Birds and Handwritten Letter is the 16th exhibition created by the Korean Society of Typography and a newly written novel by the SF writer Kim Choyeop, as well as a typography video work of 26 minutes created by 200 designers, who designed a sentence for every 10 seconds. Yet unpublished, sentences of this work have been randomly distributed to designers and were gathered back in the form of video clips and images. We live in an era when the James Webb Space Telescope has transcended time, Vibrating Birds and Handwritten Letter deals with ‘typography’ and ‘time.’

    Korean Society of Typography is an academic organization that shares the research results and experiments on typography and letters. It regularly publishes the academic journal 『Letter Seed』 and annually holds a typography exhibition in various formats.

    Vibrating Birds and Handwritten Letter Website

    Korean Society of Typography (214 designers)
    Organized by Korean Society of Typography (Min Gu Hong, Yang Jieun)

  • CiViChon 2.0
    Nomadic Forums for Future Communities
    2022.11.13.Sun – 2022.11.19.Sat
    Forum, Exhibition
    • Forum 11.13.Sun 10:00-21:00
    • Exhibition 11.13.Sun - 11.19.Sat 12:00-19:00

    • Sewoon Hall

    • Free

    Nomadic Forums for Future Communities discusses the organisation of, and the dynamics constituting, the communities of the future. In Mokpo and Gunsan, CiViChon 2.0 holds community events and gamified forums with local stakeholders, including residents and activists, along with visitors and external experts, in order to share their perspectives regarding the differing relationships within these communities; these forums are followed by in-depth discussions in Seoul to review the results. The accompanying exhibition will present video documentation (footage of the preparation process and scenes from each forum, as well as interviews and local excursions) alongside the game boards used in the forums.

    Forum schedule
    10.15 Nomadic Forums for Future Communities: Mokpo, Self-Sufficient or Interdependent (The Mokpo Popular Music Hall)
    10.29 Nomadic Forums for Future Communities: Gunsan, Place-Centered Community (Gunsan area)
    10.30 Nomadic Forums for Future Communities: Gunsan, People-Centered Community (Gunsan area)
    11.13 Nomadic Forums for Future Communities: Seoul. Nomadic Community
    11.13 - 11.19 Exhibition, Nomadic Forums for Future Communities: Trajectories and Imaginations

    Director: Kyong Park,
    Curator: Soik Jung
    Video Director: Jaekyung Jung
    Assistant Curator: Han Dabin
    Local Partner: Dongwoo Hong, Yujin Moon
    Local Researcher: Yoon Zoosun(Chungnam National University), Ahram Chae(AURI)
    Social Designer: Wolsik Kim
    Game·Graphic Designer: Sunhee Yang(Gute Form)

    Sponsored by Arts Council Korea
    *This project was invited by Ob/Scene for ‹A Place You Long For›, and produced with support from Arts Council Korea.



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  • Artistic Director: Kim Seonghee
  • Secretary-general: Cho Hwayeon
  • Executive Manager: Jeong Hyemin
  • Head Producer: Yong Sunmi
  • Production: Yoo Byong-jin, Eugene Hannah Park, Ku Yena, Shim Eun-ji
  • Communication: Kwak Seoyoung
  • Ticket·Website Manager: Sohn Hyeju

  • Coordination: Ko Yoonji, Kil Kyungha, Kim Seohee, Kim Hayon, Park Jinhye, Bae Yoonju, Seo Heda, Seok Kyungmok, Yang Narae, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Sunwoo, Lee Juhyeon, Cho Anna, Choi Bumkyu, Choi Soyeon, Hwang Jimin
  • Translation: Kim Shinu, Kathy Kyeonghoo Lee
  • Graphic Design: Sulki and Min
  • Sub Design: Lee Jiheon
  • Website Creation·Design: Min Guhong Manufacturing
  • Documentation: Park Suhwan

  • Technical Team: apparat/us
  • Technical Director/Producer: Shin Jinyoung
  • Technical Associate Producer: Kim Shinjae
  • Technical Assistance: Han Sumin, Park Miseon
  • Head of Stage: Sim Woosup
  • Head of Lighting: Kong Younwha, Jeong Haein
  • Head of Sound: Jang Taesoon
  • Video Supervisor: Jeong Haein
  • Media Installation: Manri Art Makers
  • Stage: Kim Minjoong, Shin Kwanghyun, Shin Sanghoon, Oh Jaesung, Lee Kiseok
  • Lighting: Gwon Hajun, Kim MinSeok, Kim Hyeon, Kim Hae Bin, Maeng Woo Young, Park Seokjin, Son Minyoung, Son JeongEun, An Young Ju, Yang HyunSeok, Wi Namho, Lee Hyeongjin, Jeong Yeonjong, Jeong Yeongu, Jeong Chelim, Han Gaeun
  • Sound: Kwon Taehun, Kim Seungwang, Noh Ikhwan, Yu Seongsik, Lee Taeho
  • Video: Yun Hyoyeong, Hwang Jonghyeon
  • Technical Translation: Kathy Kyeonghoo Lee

  • Organized by: Ob/Scene Festival
  • In Cooperation with: KICHE, Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, Seoul Art Space Mullae, Seochon Space Seoro, Art Sonje Center, Esther Shipper Seoul
  • Sponsored by: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Ilmin Museum of Art, Japan Foundation Seoul, Goethe-Institut Korea