Ro Kyungae
  • Seoul
  • Dance

  • 11.14.Tue 18:00
  • 11.15. Wed 18:00


  • 45 min
  • Free
  • Korean

Each body has a different line.
And each line tilts differently from another.

Each body has a different way of walking.
And each step creates different movements.

People with cerebral palsy have different movements and balance points. The muscular constriction creates unique movements, while the arched spine generates complex balance points. ‘Instability’ produces dynamics ‘stability’ cannot offer; ‘imbalance’ leads to aberrations impossible in ‘balance.’ 21°11’ focuses on actions that form the basis of a movement—standing, sitting, walking, running. These seemingly simple actions embodied in performers with a disability and those without expand to limitless combinations of lines and movements, dismantling the firm standards governing the body.

  • Concept·Choreography: Ro Kyung Ae
  • Creation·Performance: Kim Myeung Shin, Moon Seung Hyun, Lee Min Hee, Cho Myung Hee, Cheon Young Jae, Ash Seon Mee
  • Sound: Kim Chang Rae, Jang Tae Jun
  • Costume Coordinator: Kim Eun Kyoung
  • Producer: Jeong Jea In
  • Dramaturg: Park Eun Ju
  • Supported by Korea Creatvie Contents Agency

  • Stage Assistant: Kim Suzin
© courtesy of the artist

Hommage to Ro Kyungae

In this age where the choreographer-based system of co-creation that is ‘dance company’ has become more difficult, ‘choreographer’ Ro Kyungae designs her stage by approaching the most earnest presence of body. Opposing contemporary dance’s long obsession with the standardized and its subsequent production of bodily norms, the starting point of her choreography is extremely simple movements like sitting and standing, running and stopping, keeping or losing balance, etc. A form that is constructed from a blank page free from a priori premises and norms about body begins to take on simple yet quiet destructive force, soon exercising the magic of imbuing different modalities of small interactions with colorful wonders. Instead of completely expelling the figurative beauty, her work creates subtle tensions and ruptures to the classic qualities unique to danceㅡharmony of individual personality and the whole; tension and unityㅡand generates a complex aesthetics where the familiar and distant overlap.

Past Works

  • 2013, Festival Bo:m ‹MARS II›
  • 2013, Asia Culture Center Residency Showcase ‹Garosero›
  • 2020, Ob/Scene Festival ‹21°11’›