Nam Junghyun
Calling from a Distance
  • Seoul
  • Performance/Theatre

  • 11.25.Sat 18:00
  • 11.26.Sun 18:00

  • Yeonhee Art Theater

  • 50 min
  • 20,000 KRW
  • Korean

A sense of anxiety arises when one wants to desire but does not know what the object of desire is. The beauty desired by ‹Calling from a Distance› lies beyond the world where we can communicate with language and sign. That world is one of surplus, neither represented nor explained by words. ‹Calling from a Distance› juxtaposes the two worlds, while not excluding flexibility. At the ‘gap’ of represented world and real world, the sense of ‘anxiety’ keeps vibrating, bouncing away and coming back. In the indefinite space where sign and materiality crash, would the audience confront the uncertain object? The affect of anxiety.

  • Director : Nam Junghyun
  • Scenographer: Jung Daewon
  • Producer: Lee Soyoung
  • Sound Designer: Jang Jinsung
  • Sound Engineer: Choi Gyun
  • Supported by Seoul Foundation of Art and Culture
Calling from a Distance
© courtesy of the artist

Hommage to Nam Junghyun

Nam Junghyun has been using space of absolute darkness and light and sound oscillating between sensitivity and fierceness to take the space of ‘theatre’ itself as her protagonist and experiment her work. What threads through her pieces is ‘gaps’ - gaps occurring between inside and outside; light and dark; memory and oblivion; and symbol and reality. What she calls a ‘theatre’ is the expansion and manifestation of such gaps into spatial concepts. It is a world of potentiality, completely empty yet in which everything is possible at the same time; a world composed of fog, darkness, light and sound, a world filled with materiality. Nam desires the indescribable ‘beyond’ of the real world. For her, a theatre is a space of fascination where one can sense and imagine the impossibility beyond.

Past Works

  • 2020, Ob/Scene Festival ‹Curtain›