Park Minhee
Wind Blows from the Mountain where Spirits Gathered
  • Seoul
  • Music/Performance

  • 11.11.Sat 19:30
  • 11.12.Sun 15:00 / 19:30

  • M Theater

  • 60 min
  • 20,000 KRW
  • Korean

Tastefulness leans towards cultivation. Once music is in the heart after consistent training and practice, it pushes the body away as object. The body is shifted to a place where music vibrates with life. emerges not as form but state. When Youngsan Hoesang vibrates, can the state of a theatre be shifted?

  • Concept·Direction: Park Minhee
  • Cast: Park Minhee, Son Jimin, Sim Woonjung, Lee Kipum, Lee Hyuna, Jo Seonah
  • Stage Director: Kim Sangyeob
  • Sound Director: Lee Seongrock
  • Lighting Designer: Seo Gayeong
  • Website: Min Guhong Manufacturing
  • Graphic Design: Gang Moonsick

  • Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Wind Blows from the Mountain where Spirits Gathered
© Gang Moonsick

Hommage to Park Minhee

Park Minhee sings Korean traditional gagok, gasa and shijo. Interrogation and disciplinary practice on the meaning and methodology of doing traditional music today is both the starting point and purpose of her work. Moving beyond staged performance, she incorporates substantial and aesthetic issues as constituent conditions for her work, ranging from the musical structure of traditional music to its format of presentation and social significance, rearranging the dispositive context of the act of singing and that of listening. For Park, gagok is not merely auditory signals for ‘appreciation’ but a focus inward. Her work activates internal observation and focus. For both the singer and listener, song is the vibrant sensation passing through the body. Feeling the song entering internally. Feeling the sound as ‘object.’ Waking up the sense itself in a new way.

Past Works

  • 2013, Festival Bo:m ‹No Longer Gagok: four nights›
  • 2022, Ob/Scene Festival ‹Moonlit› (work in progress)