Festival Bo:m 2012
  • International Interdisciplinary Art Festival
  • 22 March - 18 April 2012

Festival Bo:m is an annual international festival of interdisciplinary arts which presents artists from all over the world. As an experimental art festival, Festival Bo:m bases itself on the creative interactions between all genres of contemporary art such as contemporary dance, theatre, fine art, music, film and performance.

Festival Bo:m 2012, the 6th edition of Festival Bo:m, will present 22 domestic and international works of most innovative avant-garde interdisciplinary art for 28 days in various venues in Seoul. As Korea’s leading festival in contemporary art which pioneers, produces and promotes ‘new frontiers and forms’, Festival Bo:m aims to play a critical role in Korea as a dynamic platform of contemporary art of the 21st century.


  • René Pollesch: Here’s Looking at You, Social Context of Delusion!
  • Park Chan-kyoung: Crossroads + Asian Gothic
  • Zachary Oberzan: Flooding with Love for the Kid
  • Daniel Linehan: Not About Everything + Montage for Three
  • Young-June Lee, Nayoungim & Gregory Mass, MuseS: Ramen Ensemble
  • Mariano Pensotti: Sometimes I think, I can see you
  • Jérôme Bel: Cédric Andrieux
  • Yeong-Ran Sun: I Confess My Faith
  • Nature Theater of Oklahoma: Life and Times - Episode 1
  • Hwayeon Nam: A Garden in Italy
  • Tetsuya Umeda: waiting room
  • Ji-Sun Kim: Well-stealing
  • Keren Cytter: Show Real Drama
  • Keren Cytter: Testing Texts-Four Videos
  • Seewon Hyun: Cheonsoo Mart 2nd Floor
  • Chim↑Pom: From Super Rat to Real Times
  • Pijin Neji: the acting motivation
  • Sungmin Hong: The Movie
  • She She Pop: Testament
  • Hyun-joon Chang: The Occurrence of a Theater
  • Tink Tank: Through the Copper Looking Glass, Darkly
  • Omar Abu Saada: Can you please look at the camera?