Seo Hyun-suk
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  • Seoul
  • VR Performance

11.1.Wed - 11.16.Thur
11:00 - 20:00
No performance on Saturday, Sunday

  • STAGE66, Kocca Multi Content Testbed

  • 18 min
  • Free
  • English

Einstein’s theories of relativity shattered space and time as we had known them. The material fabric of the universe, which he calls spacetime, can be stretched or warped. That which we had felt as the gravitational pull is the effect of the warped spacetime.
In the meantime, virtual reality doesn’t come with gravity. Game and graphic designers have to fake it for the sake of familiarity.
Returning from its premier at Ob/Scene Festival 2021, ‹( )› unfolds as a daydream for freedom and its limits, pranking on the tactile and visual responses to gravity and its virtual absence.

Conceived·Directed by Seo Hyun-Suk
Technical Director: Bongchan Jeon
Sound: HASC
Voice: GONG CAN(龚璨)
Commissioned by Ob/Scene
Supported by Arts Council Korea, Korea Creatvie Contents Agency

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© courtesy of the artist

Hommage to Seo Hyun-suk

‹Heterotopia›(Euljiro, 2010-11), ‹The Divine Prostitution of the Soul›(Yeongdeungpo, 2011), ‹Resolutely Autumn Wind›(Yokohama, 2013), ‹From the Sea›(Tokyo, 2014), the audience who visits real specific places take a solo journey into the situation where real streets and stages mise-en-scene coexist. The performer they encounter one-on-one during the journey draws an almost excessive personal connection. In the artificial condition of ‘artwork,’ the audience’s ‘authentic’ internal experience goes through tension between compromise and artificiality, which is what Seo calls ‘theatrical.’ Expanding his boundary from video to staging of place and following the premise that apparatus creates senses, he re-edits the spacetime and senses that are organized by the modern apparatus of cinema so that they can be experienced in real places without the support of cinematic technology such as camera or screen. This is in order to encourage the audience to question the border of ‘art’ and rediscover their senses in their own space without the communal foundation of auditorium.

Past Works

  • 2009 Festival Bo:m ‹Fat Show: Soul Fat, Or One Step Short of Hell›
  • 2010 Festival Bo:m ‹ㅣㅣㅣㅣㅁ›
  • 2011 Festival Bo:m ‹Heterotopia›
  • 2013 Festival Bo:m ‹Stage Fright (h u r t / h e l p)›
  • 2015 Asia Culture Center Theater Opening Festival ‹Lee Leenam: Second Edition›
  • 2021 Ob/Scene Festival ‹날개›
  • 2022 Ob/Scene Festival ‹A Constellation of Ruins›